SBS 2015

Images from the U.S. Sailing Sears Cup Area A Championship are below. The races took place in Boston Harbor on July 15th and 16th, 2013.

Sears Team (triple-handed)
  • Erika Barth (helm)
  • Elsa Coughlin (crew)
  • Additional crew to be announced…
Bemis Team (double-handed)
  • Severin Gramm (helm)
  • Connor Lawrie (crew)
Smythe and Leiter Cup Team
  • Andrew Savage (helm)

This year we’re preparing a talented group of sailors to compete in the US Sailing National Junior Championships. We’ll be fielding more sailors than ever and taking the teams to far away places to compete in big fleets.  We are working to bring some excellent guest coaches to prepare these kids for great success on the national stage.

Members can also contribute to the effort! You can:

  • Sail against them in practice and races (we will provide a crew if you need one).  We need every boat out there on the weekends.
  • Coach them in practice and races (we will provide the motor boat and a co-pilot).  Practice sessions are held during June and July.

Contact Donna to volunteer… Come sail with us. It’s really fun!

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