Recognition of hard work, team work, and good sportsmanship

Each year, the club gathers at the Commodore’s Dinner to celebrate our season of competition; enjoy our friends; and honor our achievements, symbols and heritage.


The Julia Corscaden Cup
For the season's championship for Juniors in the Turnabout Class, presented by Mrs. John T. Beaty in 1961. (trophy retired)

The Veronica B. Rottier Memorial Trophy
For the season's championship in the Flying Junior Class. Presented in 1971 by the Rottier family.

The Dr. James A. Corscaden Memorial Trophy
For the season's championship in the Thistle Class. Presented in 1965 by Commodore Ralph W. Earl and the 25th Anniversary Committee List of Winners

The Richard M. Leonard Memorial Trophy
For the season's championship in the Laser Class. Presented in 1978 by the Leonard Family and the Green Star sailors.

The Mattie M. Engler Memorial Trophy
For the Women's Single Tennis Champion. Presented in 1971 by the Engler family.

The Captain James W.Henderson Memorial Trophy
For the Men's Single Tennis Champion. Presented in 1971 by the Henderson family.

The BarCaSteDo Trophies
For the Women's, Men's, and Mixed Doubles Tennis Champions. Presented in 1975 by the Commodore J. Stanford Smith family.

The Clark Cup – A Rogers Rock Sailing Trophy –
For the best percentage score, irrespective of the type of boat. Presented in 1932 by J. Leonard Clark to the Rogers Rock Yacht Club and conveyed by RRYC in 1940 to the Northern Lake George Yacht Club.

The Commodore A.P. Wilson Trophy
For excellence in Sportsmanship, Seamanship, and Racing Skill, as voted by the sailors and executive committee. Presented in 1942 by Judge Fredrick Brune.

The William Gaul Bowl
Awarded to the sailor showing the greatest improvement by vote of the sailors and executive committee. Presented in 1944 by his widow, Ann Gaul Ewald.

The Robert F. Keegan Bowl
For the best crew, as voted by the sailors and executive committee. Presented in 1945 by John Leahy.

The John A. Roos Memorial Trophy
Awarded to the winner of the season's championship in the Optimist Class. Presented in 2002 by his daughter, Mrs. Ellie Roos Faber.

The Sharon L. Galvin Memorial Trophy
For the Leading Lady of the Thistle Fleet (highest percentage score.) Presented in 1980 by the Beaty family. List of Winners

Commodore Albert W. Lawrence and Fleet Chaplain David C. Lawrence Memorial Trophy
Leading Lady Percentage Trophy. Awarded to the female skipper earning the highest percentage score, regardless of sailing class. Presented in 2003 by the Lawrence Family. List of Winners

The Mabel and Tyler Dennett Memorial Clock
Awarded to the member who has done the most for the Club. Presented in 1950 by their children, the Dennett Family. List of Winners