Renewal invoices are emailed to members each year on Feb. 15th.

NLGYC is a not-for-profit social/sporting organization.

Our club does not bill on a fee-for-service basis. Instead, we offer a variety of membership plans to accommodate differing uses of the club that vary depending on activity, interest, household makeup and proximity to our area. We rely on the honor of our members to choose the correct category for their use of the club. Changing lives, growing children, expanding families need to be considered in your selection of the appropriate level of membership. You can upgrade your membership level at any time if your circumstances change. Our dues structure is outlined below and our by-laws are available towards the bottom of this page.

When are renewals due?

Invoices for membership renewal go out each year by email on Feb 15th to all current NLGYC members. Renewals are due April 1st. You may pay by credit card, bank transfer, or check sent in the mail. A late fee of $25 is assessed for payment after April 1st, $50 for payment after May 1st, and $75 for payment after June 1st, for all membership levels. If you have questions or need help with your membership renewal, contact us at

Need to upgrade your membership level?

Email and we'll be happy to upgrade you. If you've already been invoiced for this year, or paid your renewal for this year, we can re-issue a corrected invoice for you.  


   Membership Levels and Types   

Your membership level can differ from year to year and you can upgrade your membership level at any time. All memberships include bulletin mailing, maintenance of capital investment, the right to visit the property by land or water, and the attendance at the Annual Membership meeting. “Events” are organized activities at the club not involving use of facilities (except parking in lot or at dock) e.g. social events. “Facilities” include the tennis courts, parking and launching for racing class sailboats, participation in racing and day-use of moorings.


We offer five membership levels to accommodate differing uses of the club that vary depending on activity, interest, household makeup, and proximity to our area.  Within those five levels, we offer three membership types: family, couple, and individual. Pricing differs for each. 

A "FAMILY" is defined as a parent, parents or legal guardian with active children under 25 years of age.* A "COUPLE" is defined as two adults without active children under 25 years of age. An "INDIVIDUAL" is defined as a person without active spouse or active children under 25 years of age. * Children three years of age, or under, do not require move to Family membership.

Cost = $785 for a family, $615 for a couple, $400 for an individual.
Season with Facilities membership includes use of the tennis courts, parking lot and launching facilities for racing class sailboats, participation in racing and day-use of moorings, attendance at all club events and voting.

Cost = $530 for a family, $355 for a couple, $260 for an individual.
Season membership includes attendance at all club events and voting, and use of the dock and parking lot while attending events and meetings.

Cost = $435 for a family, $355 for a couple, $260 for an individual.
Short Season membership is the equivalent of Season with Facility Membership, but is limited to two consecutive or separate weeks in the increments of one week, including the surrounding weekends. 

Cost = $170 for a family, $170 for a couple, $110 for an individual.
Associate membership includes attendance at two events and use of facilities twice.

Cost = $70 for a family, $70 for a couple, $70 for an individual.
Corresponding membership includes no attendance at events or use of facilities.


   Special Membership Option for Member's Adult Children   

At age 25, member's children can no longer enjoy the privileges of membership under their parent's family membership. If the parents have maintained a family membership for the prior 3 years, their child may join NLGYC without having to pay the initial capital assessment. This option can be exercised any time before they turn 25. 

Please contact to find out if you are eligible to exercise this option. 

   Club Rules and By-Laws   


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