Help support our activities and traditions by volunteering.

NLGYC is an all-volunteer club.

Since its beginning over 80 years ago, NLGYC has operated as an all-volunteer club. We rely on the generosity of our members to do their part to keep our committees vibrant and growing. 

Volunteering is at the heart of our club and is one of the reasons NLGYC remains such a special place to us all. Many of our members derive great satisfaction from helping out, and enjoy the camaraderie of rolling up their sleeves and working together to make our summers rich with educational, social, and athletic opportunities.

There are many, fun ways to get involved — probably more than you think! Click here to fill out a survey, to let us know how you would like to help out. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once your survey is submitted, a volunteer coordinator will contact you by email and let you know how to get started in your area(s) of interest. Its where the true fun of NLGYC membership begins!