Although we as a group and community treasure and value our collective NLGYC traditions and practices, looking to the future is part and parcel of how we thrive and stay vibrant together. It is in the spirit of this interest that we made the commitment this year, in 2022, to move away from traditional spreadsheets and hard copy record-keeping, to an online, yacht club management app called Clubspot.  

More than just a website.

An Online Directory


The new online directory contains a list of all current members and their contact details. It is NOT visible to the public. In fact, it will only appear in the site navigation when you're logged in to your account.

JP Registration


Register for Junior Program, Adventure Club, and afternoon sailing, at the last minute if needed, from a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Buying Tickets


Buy tickets for the Gala, Commodore's Dinner, Flag Officers' Reception, and Paint 'n Sip.  Simply click on the event from the online calendar.

Ordering NLGYC Merchandise


Place orders and pay for fundraising merchandise here in the NLGYC website during the season, or from Coral Reef Sailing, year-round.

A Real-time, Online Calendar


With an online calendar, details can be updated as they develop. Click on any event in the calendar, for more information on that event.

Everything In One Place


Now, everything in one place — in the NLGYC website. And all your NLGYC-related contact information, registrations, and purchases are listed (for your viewing only) on your NLGYC account page.

A brief overview of your account pages:



Your Reservations page initially will be empty.  But as you buy tickets, register for events, or register your child/ren for Junior Program, a list will appear. Click on any of the items on the list, to see the details.

Your BILLING page


Your Billing page will show your membership level, and the dues amount you last paid, or are due to pay. If you want to keep a credit card or bank account on file, go to Payment Methods towards the bottom of the page, input your information, and turn on AUTO-PAY under Billing Settings. Invoices will NEVER process automatically — you'll always be asked if you want to pay from what's on file.  

Your MEMBERS page


This is where you and your family's contact information is listed — all editable by you, so you can update it at any time. In fact, we hope you will! PLEASE review your Members page now and correct or complete anything that's missing.

In "Members", you'll see a heading for "Membership Directory." This refers to the online directory. Rest assured, the information in the directory is ONLY visible to fellow members, when they, too, are logged in. That said, if you do NOT want to be included in it, you can opt-out by toggling from "Visible" to "Opt-Out" towards the bottom of the Members page.



Your Website Users page lists all logins associated with your account. If you have only one email listed on your Members page, you'll see only one User listed here. If you're a FAMILY member, and you have different emails listed for each family member on your Members page, you'll see each of them listed here. You will each be asked to set a password when you log in for the first time.

Returning to the WEBSITE


Click on the left-pointing arrow in the top left corner next to the NLGYC burgee, on your account pages. That will take you back to the NLGYC home page. 

Please be patient with it.


We know renewing your membership, registering your kids for JP, and reserving tickets in yet another way, while embracing the concept of an online directory,  is a lot to ask. But our new system promises to help make managing our committees' activities and responsibilities easier. Please be patient with it — we think it's worth it!

Need help? Just ask.

We're committed to helping each and every one of you learn to use your account pages with ease. Email Chris with any issues or questions here:


Secondary address